An Introduction

You can read a short about me here.

It’s a short introduction to me. But, here I’ll offer a further introduction to my content.

I am studying new media to further my understanding of sociology and social influences to implement in my studies of psychology. I am constantly interested in analyzing how media, culture, and society influence the individual. Media is a very important part of how society builds itself. It defines social groups, creates it’s own culture, and influences our intake and output of information.


We learn from a young age that the news offers information, and proceed to expand on this knowledge as we grow. We extend our news influence as we get older, and can pick and choose our preferred sources of information. This picking and choosing is an important part of how we come to define our social circles and culture.

My studies will be documented on this blog as a portfolio. I will be sharing my opinions and the knowledge that I gain.

As a start, there’s a very good podcast series by WUSF about making sense of new media. The New Media Reader is also a very good introduction to the world of new media.

I believe media is one of the biggest influences on our belief systems, ideologies, and world views. Because of this, studying and understanding the creation and distribution of media is key to understanding our society and the individuals that live in it.

This journey will focus on expanding my understanding of new media as well as furthering my understanding of our ever-evolving society.

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One thought on “An Introduction

  1. Peer Review:
    Her definition post came off genuine as she explains what she originally thought New Media was before learning more about it. As we read about in the articles most people do have the wrong interpretation of what New Media really is, and for readers who are reading about this topic for the first time I’m sure they will have some “aha” moments like her. She explains how a lot of misinterpretation comes from people believing that “new media” and technology are equal however, technology is a tool for communication, and “new media” is how we use that tool for communication. She uses relatable examples and compares old media to “newer” media; Facebook and Radio, to really show the evolution and how much growth has taken place.
    Her “About” post was well written and clear that the purpose of the blog will be focused on her studies of new media, the history, the evolution, analysis of technology, etc.
    I enjoyed the accessibility of her blog is with her use of links to navigate readers as well as the overall flow of the blog. It reads very nicely and isn’t overwhelming to the eye. In the definition post, she may want to add a little more to her introduction of who Macroni is, assuming that her audience has no idea, to aid in the credibility of her post. I thought her link to the Ted Talk was very clever because it’s an actual example of how we use “new media” today. Some things I’d like to see added to her blog in the future could be some more examples of “new media” with photos or just more color and appealing aesthetics.

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