How to Make Layers in GIMP

My screencast is a beginner level introduction on how to open images and edit layers within the free-to-use photo manipulation application GIMP. I introduce how to open files within GIMP as well as reviewing how to create, merge, delete, and edit new layers. The use of layers in photo manipulation programs allows us to edit individual parts of photos without accidentally editing the entire image. This gives a lot of editing freedom for adding color, inserting new photographs, and creating seamless photo creations.  By using layers, we can experiment with how we want to edit photos without making any unchangeable edits. Instead of having to undo anything we decide we don’t like, we can simply delete, merge, and edit the layers we are working with. We can change colors, lighting, and insert numerous photos without hurting any finalized changes we’ve already made to our project.

GIMP is a free-to-use photoshop-esque program that I’ve used for my personal art for years. It’s amazing for editing photography and digital art. The website is informative and offers links to download the program.


Image source

The first video below is my personal introduction. The second video is the screencast. I decided to use two separate videos because I felt that having full visibility of the screen in GIMP is critical for understanding the program and didn’t want my face to be in your way!

Image sources:




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